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Avoiding Water Damage from a Leaky Air Conditioners

Water is naturally created as a byproduct of cooling your home when you have an air conditioner. The water will form on the evaporator coil, then drip into the drain pan where it gets siphoned off by the drainpipe into the plumbing system of your home, or it will run outside where it drains into your yard. If something goes wrong, however, the condensation can drain into your house, where considerable water damage can be done.

To properly maintain your A/C unit and avoid this problem, follow the tips below:

  • The air filter for the air handler needs to be kept clean. When the filter has collected too much dust, it will slow the passage of air going through the system, causing frost to form on the evaporator coil. This is the part which carries the refrigerant through the air handler. When the frost evaporates, it can overflow your drain pan and cause water damage in Daytona.
  • Periodically clean the outdoor condenser by hosing it off with light or moderate spray. Take off any vegetation from each side of the condenser and do not ever set anything on the top. The condenser will blow away heat from your home, and if anything slows it down it will make the entire system run longer, making the evaporator coil freeze over.
  • Make sure to annually have your air conditioning system serviced in order to reduce water damage near Daytona. There are several things that HVAC technicians will do as part of this service, including checking your drainpipe, cleaning the drain pan and cleaning all the parts of your entire system. Debris can sometimes collect in the drainpipe such as insects, dead leaves, or small rodents who climb into it to look for water. The technician will also add an algaecide for draining the pan and pike and keeping the water easily flowing.
  • Have a safety float switch installed inside the air handle by the HVAC technician. This device will sense when too much water has accumulated in the pan and will turn off the air conditioner until it has had a chance to drain the water.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 7.28.19 AMIf you still wind up with a leaky air conditioner, make sure to take care of the problem right away, or you will risk Daytona water damage to your home. Extensive damage can even cause mold, which is very dangerous for the health of you and your family.

Many people don’t ever think about keeping their air conditioner unit cleaned and serviced on a regular basis, but as you can see it is very important to do. An A/C unit that is overflowing for any reason can cause a lot of havoc in your home and cost you so much more money than it would keeping it serviced. Make sure to make it a priority and keep servicing your air conditioner on your calendar.